Warsenal is a Canadian High Speed Metal band from Montreal. 

Warsenal was born in 2011 and released its 3 songs Demo in February 2012. The band started performing live in May of the same year. Since then, they’ve played with bands such as: Venom Inc., Annihilator, Razor, Anvil, Raven, Toxic Holocaust, Havok, 3 Inches of Blood, Satan, Grim Reaper, etc.

In February 2013, Warsenal played on the True Thrash Fest in Osaka, Japan with bands Exciter, Violator and Sabbat (JPN) to name a few. The band has toured and played in every Canadian province and headlined a couple festivals since 2013. The band has recorded its first album: Barn Burner; which was released on Punishment 18 Records on September 28th 2015. Warsenal toured Mexico in February/March 2016, 2 of those dates being the support to the Enforcer Mexican Tour. In 2017, the band played on the Full Terror Assault Festival 2017, in Cave-In-Rock, Il (USA) with bands such as: Overkill, Venom Inc., Crowbar, Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust, etc. In 2018, Warsenal supported Solstice (US) on a West Coast US tour in May and in September they toured with Japanese band Abigail on a Canadian tour.





Barn Burner (2015) 

- Dying on Stage
- Let Me Out
- Hit ‘N’ Run
- Conquer
- Stab You One by One
- Unstoppable
- Wars
- NightStalker
- Minefield Game*

*Minefield Game was featured as the opening track of Radio Fenriz (Darkthrone) November 2015.  


Demo (2012)

- Hit N Run*
- Unstoppable
- Wars

* Hit ‘N’ Run has been featured on the Thrash compilation: “Thrash Sells… But Who’s Buying?” de Tridroid Recods (USA) 

* The song has also been featured on the compilation: “El Cuartel Del Metal Vol.2” (Peru)





“For those who had been standing in the eighties as a tradition of Thrash Metal, Canadians Warsenal represents the true beacon of hope in this ocean now drenched in dark modernity's sake.”
(All Around Metal – Italy)

 “If Raven did Athletic Rock then Warsenal is doing acrobatic Thrash. Riffs that flow up and down, going in every direction, while staying razor sharp.”
(Metal France – France) 

“An album [Barn Burner] that combines waterfalls of raw and sharp riffs to rhythmic solutions chiseled up, where the seemingly uncontrolled fury is held at bay by a thick instrumental mastery. Thrash metal of great quality.”
(MetalHead.It – Italy) 

“The album [Barn Burner] is a pure divined sense of what speed metal should be: fast, rough and loud, with a sliver of punk attitude thrown in the mix. However, if the listener is expecting a good rompy thrash and then to move on, they are sadly mistaken. Warsenal does not just smash a bunch of chords and drum noises out; they provide well-constructed and meaningful music.”
(Mxdwn – USA)