Warsenal is a Canadian High Speed Metal band from Montreal. 

Montreal Canada's Warsenal first began forming in 2011 originally between two childhood school friends Mathieu Rondeau and Francis Labine. The duo had previously become friends and met in their early teens, and bonded through having similar taste in music (mainly metal) and both being fans of the bands Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Voivod. Just like many bands these days, solidifying a line up can be challenging, and in Warsenal's case, it was the drum department for the first few years. This call was answered when Vincent Caron came into the mix in 2016 after a series of drummers. Both Mathieu and Francis knew Vincent from being in the same Jazz music program from college days, reached out, hit it off and rounded out the line-up perfectly.

In the early days of Warsenal of the band released a three-song Demo in 2012 and immediately started performing live in May of the same year. The Demo quickly grasped the attention of a Japanese festival organizer who invited the band to perform on the 'True Thrash Fest' in Japan February 2013,  Warsenal's first international performance. This was no run of the mill fest, since Exciter, Violator and Sabbat were all on the bill, just to name a few of the heavy hitters. The band gained further notice from fans when they got home and immediately took to touring and playing in every Canadian province, even headlining 2 different festivals in their home country. 

In 2015 Warsenal started writing and recorded their debut album 'Barn Burner' which was released on Punishment 18 Records on September 28th the same year. Shortly after in early 2016, the guys got invited to go tour Mexico, 2 of those dates being the main support to the Enforcer Mexican Tour. 

In 2017, the band played on the Full Terror Assault Festival in Cave-In-Rock, Il (USA) with bands such as: Overkill, Venom Inc., Crowbar, Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust, etc. In 2018, Warsenal supported Solstice (US) on a West Coast US tour in May and in September they toured with the Japanese band Abigail across Canada.

The guys have proven themselves to be a force to reckon with from their live performances, and have also finished their latest unreleased set of material for their new upcoming album “Feast Your Eyes”. This Thrash-Metal forward collection of songs is the best material to date and will surely turn the heads of all their current fans, along with fans of old school Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. Make sure to be on the lookout for their sophomoric release in 2019.





Barn Burner (2015) 

- Dying on Stage
- Let Me Out
- Hit ‘N’ Run
- Conquer
- Stab You One by One
- Unstoppable
- Wars
- NightStalker
- Minefield Game*

*Minefield Game was featured as the opening track of Radio Fenriz (Darkthrone) November 2015.  


Demo (2012)

- Hit N Run*
- Unstoppable
- Wars

* Hit ‘N’ Run has been featured on the Thrash compilation: “Thrash Sells… But Who’s Buying?” de Tridroid Recods (USA) 

* The song has also been featured on the compilation: “El Cuartel Del Metal Vol.2” (Peru)





“For those who had been standing in the eighties as a tradition of Thrash Metal, Canadians Warsenal represents the true beacon of hope in this ocean now drenched in dark modernity's sake.”
(All Around Metal – Italy)

 “If Raven did Athletic Rock then Warsenal is doing acrobatic Thrash. Riffs that flow up and down, going in every direction, while staying razor sharp.”
(Metal France – France) 

“An album [Barn Burner] that combines waterfalls of raw and sharp riffs to rhythmic solutions chiseled up, where the seemingly uncontrolled fury is held at bay by a thick instrumental mastery. Thrash metal of great quality.”
(MetalHead.It – Italy) 

“The album [Barn Burner] is a pure divined sense of what speed metal should be: fast, rough and loud, with a sliver of punk attitude thrown in the mix. However, if the listener is expecting a good rompy thrash and then to move on, they are sadly mistaken. Warsenal does not just smash a bunch of chords and drum noises out; they provide well-constructed and meaningful music.”
(Mxdwn – USA)